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7 Incredible Ways Coconut Oil Benefits Your Hair



coconut oil for tangled hair

coconut oil for tangled hair: Let’s play a game: what natural product is not only hailed as a superfood for health benefits but also the answer to nearly all beauty topics? You guessed it–coconut oil! Coconut oil is the queen of all oils, and can seemingly do no wrong. Not only is the oil great for cooking, but it is the answer to many problems such as dry and irritated skin, stubborn eye makeup, damaged cuticles, and our very favorite: hair care!

I have personally had issues with a dry scalp which has seemingly been a recurring problem even with using traditional treatment. However, coconut oil has made a drastic difference for me since I started using it. Because of my success with using it, I wanted to share my enthusiasm with you, and hopefully, you’ll have a great story to tell as well. In this article, we’ll be discussing the variety of benefits of coconut oil on hair, giving thoughts on if coconut oil is bad for your hair, and more!

First off, let’s address whether coconut oil is bad for your hair. The answer is simple: no, it most certainly isn’t. Coconut oil can help boost the health of your hair, provide it with nourishment to heal damage, and moisturize your scalp as well. Coconut oil is completely natural and rich in fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Applying coconut oil to your hair is comparable to giving your face a nourishing spa treatment. It’s safe, and it’s effective!

When you are browsing store aisles for coconut oil, don’t let marketing catch you off-guard. There is no particular “kind” of coconut oil that is better for your skin, hair, and nails as opposed to what you’ll see advertised in the beauty or health aisles. As long as it is pure, 100% coconut oil, you’ll be good to go. Take a look around the food aisles instead, where you’ll likely find a large jar of coconut oil for far cheaper than in the beauty or health aisles. This will work just as well, considering the only difference is marketing and price.

Our suggestion would be to veer toward organic coconut oil so your skin and hair aren’t exposed to any of those damaging chemicals. My favorite coconut oil is the Spectrum organic and refined oil, simply because not only does it come in quite a large quantity, but as it is refined, it doesn’t smell or taste like coconut, which is great if you’ll be using it in various recipes as well–after all, a little goes a long way, so a container is bound to last a while.

How often should you put coconut oil in your hair?

You may be wondering if you can put coconut oil in your hair every day, and we’re happy to say that it can be applied as often as daily without any harm. Of course, it is an oil, so there is always the chance of it blocking your pores, which may cause the formation of acne. Because of this, daily use should be light while heavier uses should be followed with a shampoo treatment. It is quite a popular preference to use coconut oil as a hair mask at least once a month if not once a week.

To use coconut oil as a weekly or monthly hair mask, simply take about penny-sized amounts of oil, carefully rub it between your fingers to liquefy, and work it into your hair. Begin at your roots, being sure to massage your scalp as you go. Once your roots and scalp are covered, work the coconut oil down your hair strands, paying close attention to your dry ends. For daily use, you’ll want to use a much smaller amount to prevent your hair from feeling too oily.

The Benefits

Due to its popularity in beauty, you must be guessing by now that there are numerous benefits of coconut oil for hair treatment. The pros of applying coconut oil to your strands go much further than adding shine (though, who couldn’t use a little extra glow?), and extend to the health of your hair follicles themselves. The seemingly simple task of working coconut oil through your hair, tying it up in a bun, and covering it overnight with a disposable cap boosts your hair’s strength and resilience far more than you probably realize. Let’s take a look at these benefits.

1. Damaged Hair Nourishment

Split ends have to be the bane of all of us attempting to grow our hair long. It seems like every time we turn around, we have to trim our hair again. Though we know this will eventually help nourish our hair more and produce greater length, the waiting game is a difficult one. Thankfully, that’s where coconut oil comes in. Coconut oil is enriched with vitamins, fatty acids, and protein–all of which are necessary for helping your hair’s growth. When you apply coconut oil to your hair, the oil penetrates your hair shaft down to the follicle, coating it with the fatty acids and protein it needs to repair any previous damage.

As the coconut oil helps with split ends, in time, hair growth is typically a visible result. Your trips to the hair stylist can be a little farther apart now that your split ends won’t be as much of an issue. Without the split ends, your hair strands will retain their length so you can see the hair growth! The hair growth factor is twofold, because coconut oil nourishes your roots as well, which will now have the nutrients they need to heal any damage, target weak areas, and put more focus into growing rather than reviving dead ends. Though coconut oil for hair loss has been speculated as effective, there aren’t any studies proving it. Of course, since it can help with hair growth, it doesn’t hurt to try.


To help your damaged hair, simply apply coconut oil as a hair mask before bed, ensuring your strands are covered as well as your massaged scalp. Cover with a hair cap and wash with shampoo in the morning. As always, follow the shampoo with a high-quality conditioner to lock in the moisture provided overnight by the oil.

2. Dandruff Treatment

Dandruff isn’t necessarily considered hair damage, but rather simply an affliction that many people experience. If you have ever had or perhaps even currently struggle with dandruff, then you know it can be a real issue. Not only does everyone who happens to see it or hear about it make assumptions about your hygiene, but it feels like no one understands. Meanwhile, you’re dealing with an itchy scalp and flakes on your clothing. It’s not something you can help, and despite your best efforts, dandruff shampoo, at best, tends to just keep the problem at bay.

Dandruff is caused by a variety of different issues and as opposed to what the vast majority of people think, it’s not always caused by a fungus. It can be, but it can also be from harsh chemicals and dry skin conditions. To help minimize the stress that dandruff brings, try treating it with coconut oil. With all its hydrating properties of rich fatty acids and vitamins, it makes sense that coconut oil could be a great contender for dandruff treatment. Most people may think of it only as an aid for your hair itself, however, it can greatly improve scalp health as well with its antibacterial and antifungal abilities. Additionally, it is rich in antioxidants which aid in keeping free radicals at bay–and yes, that’s even important for your scalp despite how densely it is covered with hair. Coconut oil has been used for hundreds of years to help with treating dandruff.

As with all-natural treatments, using coconut oil to help your dandruff won’t exactly produce overnight results, but you should start seeing a difference in a couple of weeks.

3. Relieve Infant Cradle Cap

If coconut can work wonders with dandruff, then could it help with your baby’s cradle cap? According to, the answer is a resounding yes! Though many natural substances still require caution when being applied to infants, coconut oil is generally deemed safe. To be sure, check with your physician before use. Though there haven’t been complete studies to attest to the safety of coconut oil when used on infants and toddlers, it also doesn’t seem like there have been any recorded adverse issues either.  Therefore, if you do feel comfortable with giving coconut oil to your infant, there are many potential benefits. One of the major ways coconut oil can help your baby is by relieving their cradle cap. With coconut oil’s richly hydrating properties, it can be effective at treating cradle caps and preventing them from recurring.


To use it for a cradle cap, rub a dab of coconut oil into your baby’s scalp, gently massage it, and leave it to sit for about twenty minutes. Once the time is up, wipe away the excess oil with a cloth and use a soft brush to comb through their hair, removing any remaining skin flakes. Repeat as needed, though hopefully with continued uses, the need for treatments will lessen.

4. Hair Conditioner

Whether you are on a coconut oil kick, forgot to pick up more conditioner, or you’d simply just like to see how it works out, this oil can be used in place of your regular conditioner! Typically, coconut oil is used as a deep or leave-in conditioner, oftentimes overnight, however, it can also be used shorter-term as well.


After shampooing as usual, start with about a nickel-sized amount of oil, and begin working it into your strands. Begin at your roots as you would with your usual conditioner and initially focus on just massaging it into your scalp. Once you’ve massaged your entire scalp, start pulling the oil through the rest of your hair, being sure to cover it all. If needed, use more oil, especially if you want to hydrate your dry ends. Leave it in for the rest of your shower, and thoroughly rinse at the end. Your hair may even be shinier than usual after this treatment!

5. Hair Detangler

Coconut oil is, after all an oil, which means it will work quite well for getting out tangles, knots, and snarls! If you’ve ever combed your hair after letting coconut oil sit as a hair mask, you’ll know there truly aren’t any tangles to struggle through. The same concept applies to using coconut oil as a hair detangler, though with a far lighter application. A small amount goes a long way, so you’ll want to be extra careful with this approach as it’s very apparent if you use too much coconut oil on dry hair. If you use too much, odds are your hair will end up weighed down and greasy.


To detangle your hair, start with a minuscule amount of oil. You can even slide a finger along the side of the jar to ensure you don’t grab too much. Rub the oil between your fingers and sparingly work it through the tangled areas. I would avoid using it in any other areas of your dry hair or there is a chance your hair will end up oily. Focus on working out those tangles with the oil on your fingers, and you should be able to brush through them in no time. Another tip: brush from your ends to your roots to help get tangles out. Brushing from the roots down will merely aggravate them.

There is, however, a second option for detangling your hair if you are concerned about the risk of making your hair greasy by rubbing oil directly on the strands. If you have an empty spray bottle, you can dilute the coconut oil by mixing one tablespoon of oil with about a cup of water. This will easily spray on your tangled areas and greasy hair will no longer be an issue.

6. Tame Frizz

If you’re like me and deal with frizzy hair on a daily basis, then know you’re not alone. Frizzy hair is such a frustration, often ending with a basic hairstyle of a ponytail or bun because it’s otherwise unmanageable. Even at that point, however, frizzy flyaways are still an issue! Without loads of hairspray, it seems like they just can’t be tamed. Product after product on the shelves claim success with frizz, and yet, we all know most of them are a joke. Tame this frizz? Probably not happening.

This is one of the reasons why I love to use coconut oil on my hair: it truly does tame frizz and flyaways. The fatty acids in the coconut oil nourish your hair and help make each affected strand more manageable.


To unlock this benefit, shampoo and condition your hair as usual. After towel drying, comb through your hair and identify the trouble flyaway areas. With less than one-fourth of a teaspoon of coconut oil, warm it between your palms until it melts. Using your fingertips, smooth down the flyaways and the trouble frizz sections. The key here is to hardly even touch your hair; with light hands, just smooth the flyaways. Try not to touch the rest of your hair to prevent oily, weighed-down strands.

7. Scalp Massage Oil

Who could go for a scalp massage right about now? I certainly know I could, pretty much anytime, any place! Though scalp massages are the best way to usher in relaxation, this luxury often brings with it frizz and static in your hair. Don’t let that stop you though because coconut oil is a fantastic scalp massage oil. There are numerous oils on the market aimed at massages, but they are typically overpriced and underwhelming. We already know how coconut oil can help with scalp dryness, dandruff, hair damage, hair growth, and stimulates follicles, so why not use it as a massage oil? Though it solidifies at room temperature, it instantly melts at the touch, which makes it ideal for keeping down on the static during a massage.


Our suggestion for using coconut oil truly depends on your purpose for it. If you have the time and availability for a hair mask in your schedule, feel free to use as much oil as you’d like for the massage, and then just work it through the rest of your hair as a mask. However, if you’re aiming for only a massage and not a mess of oily hair, use the coconut oil sparing. Again, try just dabbing a little from the side of the jar.


We hope you enjoyed this list of benefits and uses of coconut oil for your hair! Please let us know in the comments what you liked the most or how you think you’ll use coconut oil for your hair!

I have personally been at the point where I felt like I have tried all the products under the sun for treating my dry scalp and frizzy hair, which made coconut oil such a fantastic option for me when I heard about it. I didn’t need to look any further than my kitchen for the answer and I could save money while I was at it!

Keep in mind that each person reacts to products differently and these benefits may work for one person, but not the next. It truly has made such a difference for me, so I hope it does for you as well. If you found this article helpful, please feel free to share it with your friends!


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Living Proof Flex Hairspray: A Comprehensive Review



Living Proof Flex Hairspray

Living Proof Flex Hairspray: Finding the ideal ratio of hold, flexibility, and manageability in hairstyling products can be difficult. Flex Hairspray from Living Proof, a company renowned for its cutting-edge approach to hair care, provides an answer. This hairspray promises a natural look without stiffness or residue and a flexible hold that lasts all day. Does it, however, deliver on its promises? In this review, we’ll examine depth to see whether it should be a part of your hair care regimen.

Key Features Living Proof Flex Hairspray

The goal of Living Proof Flex Hairspray is to give hair a flexible, yet durable hold. Its lightweight solution holds your style in place without weighing down your hair thanks to a blend of polymers. In addition to being humidity-resistant, the hairspray works well on all hair types, even frizz-prone ones. It’s also healthier for your hair because it doesn’t include silicone, phthalates, or parabens.


The adaptability of Living Proof Flex Hairspray is one of its best qualities. This hairspray adds volume, controls flyaways, and creates a structured look. According to users, it offers a firm grip without being sticky or rigid, promoting natural bouncing and movement. Another benefit is the formula’s resistance to humidity, which maintains your style even in muggy weather.

Living Proof Flex Hairspray Performance


Applying Living Proof Flex Hairspray is a simple task. To evenly spray, just hold the canister ten inches away from your hair. You can apply more layers of the product for a better hold, but take care not to use too much as this could leave an adhesive residue behind. The smell of the hairspray is mild and nice, not overbearing.


The long-lasting hold of one of its primary selling factors. Consumers claim that they don’t need to touch up their styles throughout the day. The hairspray holds up well in windy or humid weather, keeping your hair appearing styled and new.

Pros and Cons


  • Flexible hold
  • Lightweight formula
  • Humidity-resistant
  • Paraben, phthalate, and silicone-free
  • Long-lasting hold


  • Can be expensive compared to other hairsprays
  • Some users may find the scent too strong

Living Proof Flex Hairspray - Ulta Beauty

Additional Tips and Tricks

Here are some more pointers and strategies to maximize the benefits:

Use on Dry Hair: Use hairspray on dry hair for optimal effects. By doing this, the product will complement your style without being overly heavy.
Layering: Apply additional coats of hairspray for a more robust grip. But use caution—applying too much could result in a sticky residue.
Combining This Product with Another: To attain the desired effect, you can use it in conjunction with other style products like mousses or gels. Try out various combinations to see which suits your hair the best.

Refrain from Overusing: Even though lightweight, using too much of it can still make your hair seem greasy. Begin with a little sum and increase as necessary.
Living Proof Flex Hairspray has a powerful hold, yet at the end of the day, it brushes out quickly, leaving your hair feeling smooth and manageable.

Customer Reviews

received high marks from many consumers for its effectiveness and adaptability. “I love how this hairspray holds my style in place without making my hair feel stiff or sticky,” wrote one reviewer. It’s ideal for regular use.”

“Living Proof Flex Hairspray is the only hairspray I’ll use now,” commented another critic. Even in humid weather, it keeps my hair looking fantastic all day long.”

Final Verdict

The flexible and durable hold promised by Living Proof Flex Hairspray is indeed long-lasting. Its natural look and feel distinguish it from other hairsprays on the market, and its lightweight formula and humidity-resistant qualities make it ideal for all hair types. Many customers feel that this hairspray’s quality and efficacy outweigh its price, even though it may be a bit more expensive. It’s highly recommended that you give some thought if you’re looking for a new hairspray.

Read also: Biorepeel: Unveiling the Magic And Complete Guide

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ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation: Guide to Healthy, Beautiful Hair



ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation

The beauty business has seen a rise in products intended to improve the scalp in addition to the skin and face in recent years. A very revolutionary product is the ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation. This special product promotes healthier hair and a more vivid appearance by providing some benefits for the scalp. We examine the characteristics, advantages, and applications in this post to help you see how it can completely transform your hair care regimen.

What is ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation?

a cutting-edge product made to enhance the scalp’s beauty and health. It is made with a concoction of hydrating, soothing, and protecting substances for the scalp. Target the scalp, which is sometimes disregarded but is essential to the general health of your hair, in contrast to typical hair care products that only concentrate on the hair strands.

ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation

Key Features of ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation

Nourishing Ingredients: Packed with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to support healthy hair development and nourish the scalp.
The formula’s soothing properties are intended to calm the scalp, lowering inflammation and irritation that can cause dandruff and itching.
Hydrating qualities: ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation keeps the scalp hydrated to avoid flakiness and dryness.
Protective Barri: erME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation acts as a barrier to protect the scalp from pollution and environmental harm.

Lightweight Texture: This texture is strong without weighing down the hair or leaving a greasy aftereffect.

Benefits of Using ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation

Better Scalp Health: Using ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation regularly will help improve the health of your scalp by lowering problems including flakiness, itching, and dandruff.
Stronger, Shinier Hair: Strong, glossy hair is built on a healthy scalp. Enhancing the overall look and feel of hair can be achieved by feeding the scalp.
Enhanced Hair Development: By stimulating hair follicles, the nourishing components in ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation can aid in the promotion of hair development.
Decreased Hair Loss: Helps to lessen hair breakage and loss by strengthening the hair and enhancing the condition of the scalp.
Better Hair Color: For people who color their hair frequently, a healthy scalp can assist to prolong and intensify the brilliance of the color.

How to Use ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation

Shake Well: To guarantee that the ingredients in the ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation are thoroughly combined, shake the bottle well before using.
Apply to Scalp: Directly apply using the applicator tip to the scalp, paying special attention to regions that require more attention.
Massage In: Using your fingertips, gently massage the product into your scalp. This promotes circulation and guarantees that the product is dispersed uniformly.
Leave In: ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation does not require rinsing. Allow it to work and reap the rewards in full.
Style as Desired: After using ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation, style your hair as normal. It leaves no greasiness or residue behind, so your hair will feel and look fantastic.

Additional Tips for Healthy Hair and Scalp

You can take a few additional actions in addition to applying ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation to support a healthy scalp and gorgeous hair:

Frequent Washing: To get rid of product buildup, oil, and grime, wash your hair regularly with a mild shampoo. Steer clear of strong shampoos that deplete the scalp’s natural oils.
Well-Balanced Diet: Consume a diet rich in vitamins and minerals, such as omega-3 fatty acids, biotin, and vitamin E, all of which are critical for healthy hair.
Regular scalp massages might aid in boosting blood flow and encouraging the growth of new hair. Apply light circular pressure to the scalp using your fingertips.

Refrain from over-styling: Excessive heat can harm the hair and scalp, so use flat irons and curling irons sparingly.
Sun Protection: It’s critical to shield your scalp and hair from the sun in the same way that you do your skin. If you want to protect your scalp from the sun’s harmful rays, wear a scarf or a cap.
Keep Yourself Hydrated: To keep your body and scalp hydrated, drink a lot of water. A flaky scalp and dry, brittle hair can result from dehydration.

Employ a Wide-Toothed Comb: To prevent yanking and snapping hair strands, use a wide-toothed comb to detangle your hair.
Frequent Trims: To avoid split ends and maintain the health and vibrancy of your hair, get regular trims.
Minimize Stress: Engage in stress-relieving activities like yoga, meditation, or deep breathing.

Healthy Hair and Scalp


A cutting-edge product with several advantages for the hair and scalp is ME Cosmetics Scalp Foundation. It is an essential product for anyone trying to enhance the health and appearance of their hair because of its nourishing nutrients, calming formula, and lightweight texture. You can benefit from a healthier scalp and stronger, shinier hair by including it in your hair care regimen.

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The Function of Beauty Reviews



The Function of Beauty Reviews

The Function of Beauty Reviews: Selecting the appropriate goods in the beauty and personal care industry can be a difficult undertaking. It can be difficult to decide which of the various possibilities is beneficial. The function of Beauty provide individualized hair care solutions that are suited to the specific requirements of each person to streamline this procedure. This article will discuss the idea of the “function of beauty,” as well as its tailored approach, ingredients, ordering procedure, reviews, and other topics.

What Is Beauty’s Function?

Function of Beauty is a cosmetic brand that focuses on creating customized hair care items. The idea behind the company’s founding is that one-size-fits-all beauty products are out of date and inefficient. Rather, Function of Beauty provides specially blended products for every customer’s unique hair type.

Tailored Hair Care Items

Personalized formulae and unique packaging are the two main ways that Function of Beauty customizes its goods. First, clients fill out a hair survey on the company’s website, answering questions about their goals, problems, and hair type. The function of Beauty’s team of professionals uses this information to build a special recipe tailored to each customer’s needs.

The function of Beauty provides customizable packaging in addition to unique formulae. Consumers can customize the color and scent of their items in addition to personalizing the bottle with their name. This customization gives the entire experience a unique flair.

Components Employed

The function of Beauty takes great satisfaction in using premium, secure, and functional substances. Sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and other dangerous chemicals are not included in any of the company’s products. Rather than sacrificing safety, Function of Beauty achieves outcomes by combining safe synthetics with natural components.

 Place an Order

The function of Beauty offers straightforward ordering. Clients get their individualized recommendations after completing the company’s hair quiz on its website. After that, consumers can select the items they want to order and personalize them to suit their tastes. The function of Beauty allows clients to obtain their favorite items regularly by offering both one-time purchases and subscription choices.

Beauty Reviews’ Purpose

Beauty Reviews' Purpose

Reviews of Function of Beauty have been mixed, coming from both experts and customers. Numerous clients commend the company for its efficient products and tailored approach. After using Function of Beauty’s products, some people have noticed a noticeable improvement in the appearance and texture of their hair.

Like each product, the Function of Beauty has advantages and disadvantages. A few consumers have complained that the items were either unsatisfactory or inappropriate for their particular hair type. Concerns have also been expressed by certain specialists regarding the potential long-term repercussions of specific chemicals included in Function of Beauty’s compositions.

Pros and Cons


. formulae made specifically for each person, based on their needs
. premium components that are secure and efficient
. Options for personalized packaging give the entire experience a more intimate feel.


. Some clients might not get the expected outcomes.
. Certain formula ingredients might not be appropriate for every type of hair.
. For certain users, subscription choices could be expensive.


The function of Beauty’s capacity to handle particular hair issues like dryness, damage, or frizz is one of its main advantages. Function of Beauty may directly address these problems by developing bespoke formulae, assisting clients in achieving their intended outcomes. Additionally, customers searching for ethical and environmentally responsible beauty products have found resonance in the brand’s dedication to sustainability and transparency. All things considered, Function of Beauty has changed the game for the better in the beauty sector by providing a distinctive and cutting-edge method of hair care that prioritizes the needs of the client.


To sum up, Function of Beauty provides a distinctive and customized method of hair care. With personalized recipes, premium ingredients, and easy purchasing options, Function of Beauty has grown in popularity among customers very fast. Although the brand might not be ideal for everyone, a lot of consumers have expressed contentment and good outcomes with their purchases.


Are products from Function of Beauty appropriate for every type of hair?
Although the products from Function of Beauty are designed to work with a variety of hair types, individual outcomes may differ. It’s advisable to speak with a hair care expert before experimenting with new products.
If I’m not happy with Function of Beauty items, may I return them?

Yes, all goods from Function of Beauty are covered by a 30-day money-back guarantee. You are entitled to a complete refund if you are unhappy with your purchase.
Are the items from Function of Beauty cruelty-free?
Indeed, Function of Beauty does not use any animal testing. They don’t use animals in their product testing.
How long do Function of Beauty products take to show results?

Results can differ from person to person. While some consumers claim to have seen effects in as little as a few weeks, others could need more time to detect any real changes.
Is it possible for me to alter the smell of my Function of Beauty products?
Yes, when a customer customizes a product, Function of Beauty gives them a variety of fragrance selections.

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